At the opening ceremony, Ding Feng, director of Spring Education Group, called on the whole school staff to actively participate in the competition, show friendship, show unity, show style and wish the fun games to be successfully held. Party secretary Zhang Xiaobin announced the official opening of the games.



This fun sports meeting is carefully planned by the school trade union, the sports teaching department, the division of labor will organize and coordinate, its theme is "unity, progress". At the competition site, the faculty and staff participated in a series of interesting and challenging projects with full enthusiasm: "Blindfold gong", "walk together", "100 shots 100 shots", "ball into the basket" 4 collective projects and "ring competition" 1 individual project. The teachers released their childlike innocence to the fullest, cheering and flying with enthusiasm. A cheerful smiling face, for the fun games to add a share of happiness and innocence. The teachers' spirit of solidarity, cooperation and mutual support fully demonstrates our school's positive, cooperative and hard work campus culture.


Strike the gong blindfolded

Walk with one heart


A hundred hits




After the competition, the games came to the award process, and the winning individuals and teams won rich prizes and honors.



Fun sports games enrich the teachers' leisure cultural life, strengthen the body, enhance the emotion between colleagues, but also enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the school. In the joyful laughter and applause, the faculty fun Games have come to an end, but the wonderful scenes have become the most precious eternal. The majority of faculty and staff said that they will take this fun sports meeting as an opportunity to strengthen physical exercise, so that a positive and sunny attitude and a healthy body will become a powerful guarantee for the pursuit of "cultivating the teaching field and strengthening the country." In the future, Jingzhou University will continue to pay attention to the physical and mental health of the faculty and staff, hold more colorful cultural and sports activities, and create a harmonious and happy working and living environment for the faculty and staff.