Minister of Educational Affairs Wang Zhiguo attended the event and delivered a speech. Guo Xin, deputy director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Xu Tingting, Deputy director of Career Guidance Service Center, Teacher Wang Libo, teacher Ma Jiahui of Youth League Committee, full-time teacher of innovation and entrepreneurship Li Yanmei, Associate Professor, Su Wenjing and representatives of professional teachers of all departments jointly served as judges of the competition. The deputy secretaries of the General Party branch of each department, counselors, instructors and representatives of grade 2023 freshmen watched the competition. Ms. Li Jiahui from Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center hosted the competition.



In his speech, Wang Zhisheng, on behalf of the school, expressed his sincere congratulations to the contestants who entered the finals, and thanked the functional departments and teaching units of the school for their strong support for the growth of young people and innovation and entrepreneurship. Wang Zhzho said that scientific career planning helps young students grow into pillars who "care about the country and shoulder the responsibility of the country", and is conducive to guiding young students to integrate their personal dreams into the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. He put forward three expectations to the students: First, build the value foundation of career planning, and take "serving the country and the people" as the initial intention of career planning and the conscious pursuit of career choice; The second is to grasp the scientific method of career planning, through active thinking, scientific inquiry, gradually establish their own career development goals, sketch the growth roadmap; The third is to take the practical action of career planning, continue to improve the comprehensive quality and ability, and lay a solid foundation for engaging in the future ideal career.




A total of 11 players on the growth track and employment track took the stage in turn, from the aspects of self-cognition, career exploration, career positioning and growth path to tell about their career planning and practice, and answered the on-site questions of the judges and teachers, showing their struggle to pursue dreams and dream and the new era of young people's responsibility to write "big me" in the youth "small me".


Third prize for Growth Track and Employment Track


Second prize of Growth Track and Employment track


Growth Track, Employment track first prize


Growth Track, Employment track grand prize


Excellent instructor Award


The wonderful performance of the contestants cannot be separated from their own in-depth thinking and exploration practice, but also from the active guidance and method guidance of the instructor. In the warm applause of everyone, the participating judges awarded the winning teachers and students.



It is reported that this year, the Ministry of Education launched the first national college student Career Planning Competition, which has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Since its launch, the competition has attracted more than 1,000 students from all over the school to actively participate in it, creating a strong atmosphere of "building dreams and youth aspirations in the four directions, planning to set sail for the future". The school will also take the organization of the event as an opportunity to further dig the connotation of career education and career planning, strengthen employment and education, promote success through competition, and make every effort to guide the majority of graduates to cultivate the feelings of home and country and achieve high-quality full employment. (Text/Li Jiahui Tu/New Media Center Review/Guo Xin)