This academic report invited Professor Miao Chen, doctoral supervisor of Henan University, second-level professor, national outstanding teacher, academic technology leader of Henan Province, vice chairman of Kaifeng CPPCC to be the speaker. Starting from the requirements of the "Two hundred years" strategy, Professor Miao Chen stressed the importance of enhancing scientific research ability, explained the basic functions of modern universities in detail, and analyzed the requirements of national policies and economic and social development on the scientific research and innovation ability of institutions of higher learning. Taking Henan University as an example, he shared with you the construction of "three centers" in education and teaching, the construction of high-end course system, the online and offline mixed teaching based on MOOCs, the selection of teaching quality awards, the steady promotion of credit system reform, and the reform of course evaluation methods.


Professor Miao Chen stressed that innovation-driven is the trend of The Times, teaching and scientific research are inseparable, each research result will add new knowledge content, the research process must have theoretical and technical innovation, can not repeat imitation. He pointed out that experienced teachers should play the role of "mentoring" young teachers, guide young teachers from the aspects of interest, profession, ability, etc., drive young teachers to change their scientific research concepts, and do an effective combination of scientific research results and teaching. Subsequently, Professor Miao Chen shared the scientific research practice of the creation of drought-resistant germplasm resources and the breeding of new varieties of peanut in combination with his own scientific research projects, and provided cases and suggestions for the development of scientific research innovation for teachers of our school. He said that it is necessary to continuously optimize the professional structure of disciplines, improve the overall school-running strength and core competitiveness, and establish the training goals of application-oriented talents with solid professional knowledge, innovative ability, high comprehensive quality and strong practical ability. In the exchange session, Professor Miao Chen conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions with the teachers, patiently answered the questions raised by everyone, and shared the work experience and methods summarized over a long period of time.



Finally, Wang Zhiguo, Minister of the Department of Educational Affairs, made a concluding speech, pointing out that Professor Miao Chen elaborated the relationship between teaching and research from macro to micro, scientific research is the living water of teaching, teaching and research are "two wings of a bird, two wheels drive" close relationship. Professor Miao Chen's report has guided the development direction of our school's major, and has important guiding significance for our school teachers' future research topics, school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university-research integration, the landing and transformation of scientific research achievements and many other aspects.


This academic report not only makes our school teachers further clarify the future scientific research ideas and directions, but also broadens the teaching and scientific research horizons of our school teachers, promotes our school to create a new situation in scientific research work, and helps our school teachers achieve a new leap in scientific research level and academic ability. (Article/Review by Shao Linxin and Zhang Jiayi of the Editorial Department of the School Newspaper/Wang Zhiguo)


Miao Chen: Ph.D., second-level professor of the School of Life Sciences, Henan University, doctoral supervisor, National outstanding teacher, academic technology leader in Henan Province, Vice chairman of Kaifeng CPPCC. Henan University "double first-class" discipline biology core member. He was director of the Research Department and executive vice president of the Graduate School of Henan University. He received his Master of Science degree and Doctor of Science degree from Wuhan University and Sichuan University respectively. He taught the courses of Plant Developmental Biology for graduate students and Botany for undergraduate students. He has long been engaged in the research of crop functional genomics and stress resistance genetic improvement, has presided over four National Natural Science Foundation projects, and participated in major national basic research projects such as "973" as the main academic backbone. He has published more than 20 papers in high-level academic journals such as Current Biology, Plant Cell and Chinese Bulletin of Botany, and has trained 5 doctoral students and more than 30 master students.