Vice President and Professor Hao Lijun delivered a report


He made a report from four aspects: First, the spirit of education and teaching in the new era; Second, the direction of teaching reform in the new era; Third, the college teaching reform attempt; The fourth is the summary and prospect of teaching reform.


Subsequently, Professor Li Lizhen, director of the laboratory of the School of Aeronautical Engineering, made a report on Teaching Reform. By enlightening the question of "why to carry out teaching reform", he cleverly set up doubts and sublimated teaching reform from improving teaching quality to talent training quality and social evaluation, adding practical significance to teaching reform.



                                                                             Professor Li Lizhen gave a presentation


Then, Professor Wang Yuping, head of mechanical and electronic engineering of the School of Aeronautical Engineering, made a report on the topic of "Some Thoughts on New Engineering Practice Teaching". He stressed that under the background of the new engineering era, teachers should attach importance to the construction of students' experimental and practical training capabilities, project, task and target the experimental and practical training process, establish students' engineering concepts, cultivate students' industrial literacy, exercise students' practical skills, promote the combination of theory and practice, and promote school-enterprise cooperation and the integration of industry and education.



                                                                             Professor Wang Yuping gave a presentation

After that, Professor Wang Yongmei of the School of Aeronautical Engineering gave a lecture on the topic of "Teaching Reform and Student Ability Cultivation in Applied Universities". She pointed out that with the continuous development of society, the traditional teaching mode has been unable to meet the needs of society due to the lack of practice and innovation consciousness. Therefore, the training of applied talents has become one of the important tasks of college education. In the process of reform, the following principles should be followed: first, the student-oriented principle, second, the innovative principle, third, the principle of combining production, learning and research, and fourth, the principle of social demand.



                                                                          Professor Wong Wing-mei gave a presentation


                                                                    College assistant Yin Peng presided over and summarized

Yin Peng, the assistant dean of the school, concluded that the four reporters prepared carefully, the report was good, and the teaching reform views were outstanding, which made people deeply inspired. He called on the teachers and students attending the meeting to actively participate in the practice and exploration of teaching reform, so as to establish and improve the reform road suitable for the educational and teaching characteristics of the College of Aeronautical engineering itself. The majority of teachers and students have said that listening to the academic lecture deeply inspired and benefited a lot. The successful holding of this academic salon has played a positive role in promoting the academic atmosphere of the School of Aeronautical Engineering, promoting teaching reform, and laying a good foundation for the next step of education and teaching reform.