At the beginning of the meeting, Vice President Lu Bo, on behalf of the school, extended a warm welcome to the visiting government and enterprise leaders, and introduced the school's development history, school-running philosophy, and discipline construction. She said that school-enterprise cooperation is a good measure to build the integration of production and education and collaborative education, and an effective way to enhance Jingzhou University's service for the economic construction of the western region of the country. She hopes that the next step will be to increase exchanges and cooperation with enterprises in the western region, strengthen cooperation between schools and enterprises in personnel training, employment practice and other aspects, so as to achieve mutual benefit and common development.


At the meeting, Director Wu Bianhai said that the visit to Jingzhou University is to adhere to the call of the Party and the state, and actively carry out cooperation between the university government and enterprises across the country, hoping to make contributions to the regional economic development of Xinjiang with the joint efforts of the university government and enterprises.



After the meeting, the two sides signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement, and the participating leaders had in-depth exchanges on personnel training and construction, internship and employment of graduates. Next, Jingzhou University will continue to deepen school-enterprise cooperation, broaden the employment channels of graduates, enhance the employment competitiveness of graduates, and help graduates find more adequate and higher quality employment.