Yang Hongtao made a thematic interpretation of the career planning competition from three aspects: background, scheme and platform. He said that we should adhere to the "competition to promote teaching, competition to promote learning", strive to improve the education level of college career development, and give full play to the subjective initiative to do a good job in this competition.


Zhang Qiang introduced the planning of the competition, from the participants' willingness to participate in the competition, the formulation of the competition plan, the cognition and adaptation of career goals, the formation of the competition cooperation team, the construction of the all-functional guidance expert matrix to the comprehensive ability of the students to find jobs. He emphasized the overall goal of "promoting teaching and learning through competition" and pointed out its important role in promoting students and teachers.


The meeting made specific plans and plans for teachers to guide students in colleges and universities. The teachers of colleges and universities said that they will actively explore the content of education and teaching, strengthen publicity and promotion, enhance the participation of college students in the competition, and establish a correct career view and employment view of college students.