At the beginning of the meeting, Yang Bele put forward two requirements to the participants in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education on the notice of the first National College Student Career Planning Competition: First, to build a high-quality employability promotion practice platform, so as to promote learning, teaching and learning through competition; The second is to clarify the division of responsibilities, do a good job in organizing the contest, and fully tap and cultivate students with potential to participate in the contest.


The student and work secretaries of all departments and participating teachers had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the organization of the event in the early stage, the difficulties faced and the work plan. Everyone said that this competition is an important way to improve the competitiveness of students' employment, but also an important platform to show the quality of school talent training, and we should go all out to contribute to the realization of the quantity and quality of school participation.


In the next step, the school will take the National Career Planning Competition as an opportunity to carry out a wide range of employment guidance, school-enterprise supply and demand docking, campus recruitment, organization of school and department competitions and other activities, and reinvest in and promote student career education, employment services, practical activities, teacher training and other aspects to promote the continuous improvement of career education and employment guidance. Truly realize "promoting teaching, learning and learning through competition", and help students achieve high-quality career development and full employment.