From October 23 to November 3, the school's departments (colleges) self-inspection stage, each department (college) set up inspection working groups, formulated inspection implementation plans, carried out a comprehensive self-inspection of the teaching work of this semester, and formed a summary report. On the morning of November 8, the school's teaching inspection team conducted an in-depth inspection of each teaching unit. Party Secretary and President He Haipeng, Minister of Educational Affairs Wang Zhiguo, and Minister of Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Zhang Jufang participated in and guided the relevant work. By listening to reports and checking teaching materials, the inspection team carried out key inspections on teaching supervision, daily teaching, activities carried out in the teaching and research department, practical teaching and scientific research results. After the inspection, the inspection team gave feedback and exchange on the overall situation and outstanding problems of the on-site inspection.


Teaching inspection is an important routine work, all teaching units should take teaching inspection as an opportunity to find problems, track problems and continuous improvement, and constantly improve the quality of school education and teaching and professional construction and development level.