At the meeting, the teacher of the Student Financial Aid Management Center explained the relevant policies of student loans in detail to the students who applied for national student loans in colleges and universities this year, reminding the students to carefully read the content of the contract and standardize the relevant information. In addition, it also explained the relevant knowledge of personal credit investigation for the students, hoping that the students can establish a sense of integrity, strengthen the spirit of contract, pay attention to personal commitment, and avoid the occurrence of overdue defaults.



The national student loan work is an important financial aid measure to help students from poor families finish their studies successfully and promote education equity. It plays a very important role in alleviating the financial pressure of students from poor families and alleviating the burden of education expenditure. Anyang University has been earnestly implementing the national student loan policy, continuously doing a good job in the publicity, application and management of college student loans, helping students with financial difficulties to successfully complete their studies under the aid of national student loans, and taking this work as an opportunity to strengthen the integrity education of college students, so that the majority of students can grow up smoothly and healthily with the help of financial aid policies.